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The Southeast Michigan BSD User Group meets monthly for presentations, discussions, socializing, and networking. Local BSD folks involved include BSD author Michael W Lucas and OpenBSD alumni Nick Holland.

Time and Location: 7 PM, Altair Engineering, 1820 E. Big Beaver Rd. Troy MI 48083 . We're in the Innovation Center, easily accessible from the front lobby. If you're not sure you're at the right place, once you go into the lobby you'll see a great big glowing triangular logo looming over you. It's highly impressive.

Followed by dinner at Leo's Coney Island fifty feet to the east. SemiBUG's most important rule: offend, upset, annoy, or inconvenience May the server and we will tie you up and leave you in traffic. No exceptions.

USUAL AGENDA: Meetings run something like this.

MEETINGS AND PRESENTATIONS: Here's our next few months of presentations. Presentations are not recorded at this time. See the history page for old meetings.

SemiBUG has a shared Google Calendar of meetings. And a Twitter account, @semibug_ (note the trailing underscore).



If an out of town visitor appears at the last minute--say, if the lives of Bob Beck or Peter Wemm take a ghastly turn that brings them to Detroit -- we reserve the right to change dates, speakers, and pretty much everything so that we can fully exploit their presence.

Want more info? Join the SEMIBUG mailing list. (Thanks to the inimitable1 NYCBUG for helping us bootstrap!)

This page is a work in progress by Mark Moellering. Direct any comments to him.

1. I say inimitable, but we're imitating NYCBUG. "Inimitable" is the new "literally."